Thursday, December 22, 2011

Finding old shoots.. sweet!

I've been looking all over for this shoot, and I found it in the guest profile of my laptop.

It's been a long time comiiinnnggg...

Ya Ya Ya.. I know. Unfortunately, I have not been a committed blogger, and for this I apologize. But I have great excuses: full time college student, active member of various organizations, pageant, organizing a relief effort titled, 'got food, while attempting to stay stylish. Here's a recap of my life in the past 4 months.
Dancing at an African Student Union Function
What sense would my life make w/o constant hair changes
Campaign I organized for Somalia, a country in Africa suffering from a famine.Shirts are $12. send me an email if you would like one. I encourage you to!
 Although I'm very busy, I believe going out is a remedy for stress. :-)
Georgia Florida game.. GO DAWGS!
Miss International Winner.. and Miss Congeniality, which I'm still baffled by
Assisting with a play. Check out that life size puppet

Phew.. I really know how to make all my stress look good on camera huh? HAHAHA. I must admit, I love keeping busy; makes me feel important. Thankfully I managed to stay sane throughout. And of course I managed to do some shopping in between. Will blog about the super cool items I've been snagging. Later tho. Toodles


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