Tuesday, January 29, 2013

So I went to New Orleans this weekend, or NOLA, as my abbreviation obsessed generation calls it. First off, If you're going to visit the city, plan the trip one month ahead of time; the amount of different activities could become overwhelming. Also, have lots of cash! I say cash because I didn't see any banks around and their ATM's cost $3.99 per withdraw. But despite the disorganization and desolation of my bank account I enjoyed the city, but not in the way many tourists would. Bourbon street was alright and so was the mardi gras parade (no I did partake in the boob display). I enjoyed the art and jazz of New Orleans the most! As I grow older, I realize I am deviating from the "college-girl" image. Am I becoming sophisticated? Hmm.. Anyways here are some snaps. And of course what I wore
Was excited to see Jeremy Davenport Live at the Ritz Carlton


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