Sunday, September 13, 2015

Introducing Besida, my online boutique.

In the midst of working full time at a news station, I decided to do this. I wish launching Besida was as simple as that last sentence. This brand has been many years in the making, mostly in my head hahaha. Finally I have the financial capital to launch what I've dreamt of for at least three years. I won't be a bore with my life story though. Firstly the name Besida is from the Itsekiri tribe of Nigeria, meaning "destiny determines all." I am Itsekiri and I believe this. Whatever God has planned for you is your destiny and it determines your footsteps, your victories, and even your failures. Besida is one step to reaching my destiny. All the clothes are made in Nigeria. That's not a term used much and you seldom see items labeled "Made In Nigeria." I want to change that, and it begins with Besida. What do you think of these styles? I know it's just a few, but I plan on expanding soon. Shop the styles and use the code SUMMERSALE15 for a discount!


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