Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Heel Trouble

Now heels are beautiful and we love to keep em looking that way right?.. I occasionally end up ruining my heels while walking in tough gravel, getting them stuck in between side-walk cracks, and digging them deep in the grass. Well I just found the prevention for all that mess, a prevention that will keep my heels looking beautiful through all the tribulations.

I usually put coasters on the bottom of my heels when taking pictures in the grass, but they show in the picture and they don't MATCH.. Finally I found the solution. Check em out.

Look 10 Award

Yay my first feature.. I was excited when I was informed that I won the Look 10 award. The picture on the award is of Jasmine, my best friend who I styled. I guess it's kinda confusing who the actually owner of the blog is because there are tons of pics of my styles. Check out the link though

Friday, August 20, 2010

Love Below

 Photography by KC Smith
Continuation of the several looks we had while at L5P. I've already said enough about Emma's outfit in the previous post, on to talking about MY DRESS! I tried restraining myself in the thrift store when one interesting girl showed me this dress, but told me it was too big for her. The dress is still slightly too big for me but what the heck.. It's FABULOUS. I can honestly say that I felt super RIHANNA in it.. hahaha.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Beacons Bum

Polka Dots again... I promise I'm addicted to them. Hmm what much can I say about this outfit, I kinda feel like it speaks for itself. The polka dot tailcoat is an exceptional, one of a kind piece and was of course the inspiration for this outfit. I found this Asian hat at a HUMONGOUS Asian store in New York. That place was amazing, I don't know why I'm forgetting the name of it, but soon it'll come to me.
Photography by KC Smith
Modeling by Emma Felton
Styling by ME

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Seductive Eveningwear - Discover More Fall 2010 Fashion on

Seductive Eveningwear - Discover More Fall 2010 Fashion on
Seeing these on gave me a whole new insight on Eveningwear. These pieces are quite expensive though, but it's sometimes not about buying the items, but getting inspiration from them.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hot Toddy

Photography by KC Smith
Model Emma Felton
Styling by Me
Say what you wanna say but this brazier is banging and should be shown. (HA!!). This is another one of my style creations that I found while shopping in New York this summer. These pants didn't fit me but I knew it would look awesome on Emma, which it does. I found the bra at Mystique Boutique in Soho for $16, so if you're ever in that area, stop by there. Thanks to my ex-roommie KC Smith for doing the pictures; they look WONDERFUL!! and thanks to Emmerilld for letting me dress her up yet again.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Givenchy Inspired

Photography By KC Smith
For the first time in a long time, everything I have on is first-hand store bought. I got these pants and top from the H&M in Manhattan, and made decided to mix the patterns up. The pants are kinda awkward, but in a good way, and it's quite obvious that H&M was inspired by Givenchy I got called a referee several times by my friends, but I know they were all just jealous. HAHAHA
Oh Oh and I almost forgot! I found this Lariat Necklace at a small boutique in Manhattan called DODO. Her jewelry was SUPER cute so check it out if you're ever in the Manhattan area or visit the website
Pants and Top H&M  | Shoes Burlington Coat Factory | Glasses Icings | Lariat DODO

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Vanity Goes GAGA!

Gaga posed for the September issue of Vanity Fair and the best way to describe her looks are "GAGA". I love how here name is now used as an adjective!! Check out some of her looks. (I especially LOVE the ivory dress). Click the link to view the behind the scenes video

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Poco Cinco Puntos

 Photography by Erica Nichole Kennon
First off... this jacket has become one of my new favorite pieces in my closet. I thrifted it a while ago in the little girls section and felt like a big kid when I did. I jumped up and down the aisles when I put it on and realized it actually fit me. I was going for a bad girl/ good girl look all in one, but it all looks pretty bad girl, especially with the shaved head! Hahahaha
Shoes Bakers | Shorts Forever 21 | Jewelry, Jacket and Body Suit Vintage

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Satisfied with Satchels

Two Colour Leather Satchel Price: $100.00
 Contrast Strap Satchel Price: $90.00
Medium Leather Buckle Satchel Price: $100.00

Whether you're a fly guy or or sleek chic, satchel's are a must have this fall. Not only are they stylish, but most have a ton of space. These satchels displayed are all from topshop and I trust the quality. I normally won't pay this much for a bag, but I know I would wear my satchel almost always, and I want to conserve it's beauty. I am on a hunt though to find a real leather one at a thrift shop and I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


I get ton's of questions as to where I get most of my clothing and accessories from and people are shocked when I say "Oh I got this top from America's Thrift Store for two dollars." This entire outfit is from the thrift shop and that includes this Neiman Marcus over-sized women's shirt and these colorful oxfords from a local thrift each for 10 bucks. The trick of thrifting is not to find generic pieces, but instead, look for the items that stand out (in a good way of course).


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