Monday, September 13, 2010

VMA Top Pics

Dress by Marchesa

McQueen of course (see if you can check out those armadillo shoes)

My favorite living artist in all black.. SEXYY!
not a big fan of him but he looks cool and collected
Lovin' Pharrell right now
Ms Eva "the Diva" lookin tastee

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Creative falls

For this fall school year, my goal is to be CREATIVE so I hope all my cool college kids do the same on Campus! I found this plain top at a local thrift store in Athens, GA for less than a dollar and I cut off the neck to give my shoulder some liberation. I was kinda in a hurry this morning so I didn't cut the neck so neat; i'm sure a toddler can do a better job than this. But I didn't care much about the jaggedness(hehe), I just loved the way I felt in it.
Pants, Top, and Jewelry Vintage, Shoes Forever 21

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall 'Back to School' Essentials


Batwing 80's Graphic Tee from The 15 Dollar Store

F&F Peg leg trouser from Tesco

Stud Shoulder Peak Cardigan. $27.80 from Forever21


BB Rylee from Bakers 49.95

Buckley from Bakers $89.95

       Just some ideas for ya.. remember stylish and comfortability is the key! Many people tend to trade them out for each other and that's not necessary. Army style boots are gonna be bigger than they were last year so make sure you get some. Oxfords aren't going anywhere soon either, and plus they're SUPER comfortable. Cardigans haven't faded out yet, but instead designers are getting CREATIVE with em. I will have more ideas for ya soon...


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