Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Who the HECK is she?

Well I like to think of daily fashion as a fresh start to the day, hence the name isFresherFash. Fashion is everywhere around us, but only a few have style.Style is the ability to incorporate awkward pieces into an outfit with CONFIDENCE. Without confidence, an outfit FAILS miserably, no matter how chic the pieces are. I shop mainly at thrift stores with no shame at all, spending little time at malls; the generic pieces are redundant after looking in the 3rd store. And plus, thrift stores are 90% cheaper. I have many friends who inspire my work, but I get most of my inspiration from God... so true. He gives me visions and I instantly begin piecing clothes together in my mind. I am not a designer but would like to think of myself as a stylist; having fun with dressing others up. Fashion is Fun and should be taken full advantage of when young...Follow me and I will manifest to you my secret.
You might say "she is a fashionista", or You might say "she is a weirdo", I only wish You say "she isFresher"


  1. You have a very nice and different fashion blog! My aunt used to make me and my cousins go to the thrift stores in SC and I hated it, but now that I'm older I'm so into the vintage look and cheapness of the clothes too. You further inspired me as well. :)

  2. aww thanks sweety!
    Like your grandma, my mom used to take me to thrift shops and I was always embarrassed because we were broke...hahaha. But now that we are stable, I can't keep out of thrift shops. I'm glad you understand my thrifty antics..



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