Thursday, June 30, 2011

Don't Spend Your Youth Growing Up

Looking at my past, I realize I've had to grow up a lot quicker than my peers; living in a single parent home will do that to you. I don't regret the pace of my maturity at all, but I do miss those days when I had all sense of security, no real reason to worry, and less major decisions to make. This was the inspiration for this outfit here. Bows are something I adore hence the headband and the ring I accidentally took from my boss: I know she's gonna kill me! I buttoned my collar all the way up b/c that's how my mom used to dress me up when I was younger.. haha. I found these sneakers at the thrift a few days ago and I just can't seem to leave them alone. Watcha think?
Pants: Ross | Watch: Mall booth| Bag, Sneakers, Scarf, Shirt, Earrings: Vintage


  1. I love the style, lovely pictures aswell!! :)

  2. Very cute outfit my girl! I hear ya. My mum used to button the collar all the way up for me too. But I haven't done it myself yet. Will definitely do it next time I wear my button down shirt. I love how you tie your hair. You gotta teach me how you do it.:)

  3. Of course I can show you.. I'll do a tutorial!

  4. loving the combination of stripes

  5. CUTE!

    J x



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