Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Yesterday... All my troubles seemed so far away.. Sorry. I suddenly was struck with the urge to quote The Beatles. But, really yesterday was a good day. It lacked structure, which always turns out excellent. If you don't know me personally, I despise structure and routine. I hate feeling obligated to complete tasks at a certain time, especially when I don't have classes, like right now. This might seem immature but it works very well for me. But no need to bother you with a description of my personality on to the good stuff. Found this sea green skirt (though it doesn't look like it in photos) at the thrift shop on Monday for like $2 and I'm in  love. The next day (yesterday) I was inspired to thrift some more and found this embelished jacket for FOUR DOLLARS!! My brother on the other hand, who I shared this lovely Ethiopian meal with, was highly dissapointed at my find. His reaction to the jacket was something along the lines of "an over-colorful, over-garnished jacket straight from the 1980's". His description happens to be exact, and is EXACTLY why I purchased it. hehehe.
Top and Bag: Ross | Shoes: Madden | Skirt and Jewelry: Thrifted



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