Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Fur Elise"

 Styling and Photography By Me
Editing By KC Smith
Here is another one of my styles. The Jacket was my motivating piece because if you can't already tell, I love jackets. This jacket makes me wanna throw on a top hat, get on the piano, and play a few pieces by Beethoven. I found it at the thrift in the BOYS section, this just shows you should never discriminate while shopping. I have been looking for a tailcoat for quite a while and was surprised to find one at a thrift store. You can find a few stylish ones online, but I must say they aren't cheap... well nothing beats  $1.59 (SCORE)! Don't you love my model BTW?? To my beautiful best friend Emma Felton, thanks for letting me dress you up and do crazy things to your hair. You ROCKED IT!
Pants, Shirt, Jacket and Jewelry all vintage | Shoes Bakers


  1. This is an absolutely rocking outfit! Oh my oh my, thank you for giving me some awesome ideas for outfits next semester. I love your blog btw my sister!

  2. Oh wow!! Thank You very much for the compliments dear.. I can't wait to see ya this semester. I really miss your individuality

  3. Can you re-create this look for my closet? Pls&thnx



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