Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Coming back from church with this snazzy fit on; still can't believe I wore tights to church but it was in good taste thankfully. I'm really obsessed now with pattern mixing, I mean it's just really risky and risky is trendy in my opinion. I got this Zebra patterned top on Saturday and couldn't resist wearing it the next day; I absolute love it

Tights and  Zebra Patterned top both from TJ Maxx | Shoes and Necklace Bakers | Jacket Vintage


  1. great blog love<3.
    you should join IFB. It will help enhance your blog.
    I saw you were a FB fan for my blog, and I wanted to show you some love back.
    Does my cousin take your photos for your blog?


  2. Aww thanks! I absolutely love your style and congrats on the boutique girl.. Major Step for you.
    We've done a few shoots but not for the blog.. She will be taking some pics very soon though cuz her work is amazing. Thanks for checking me out tho and Good Luck with the boutique

  3. Your looks keep getting better and better. your styling is fantastic! Can't wait til my cousin shoots you more!


  4. Thanks again...
    KC and I are actually putting on a shoot this week. I know everything will be FAB cuz her photos are AMAZING



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