Saturday, July 17, 2010

Without heaven.. there would only be a hell

Fiery red and black vintage dress, shoulder pads, stockings, and red lipstick is a must have in every girls closet by all means. This is one of my styles modeled by Ms. Gabrielle Martin. Randomly found this dress in the women's pants section and I'm guessing someone was trying to hide it there... I could just picture how dissapointed they were when they came back and saw it was gone. I absolutely love this dress though but it doesn't fit me and if it did, it would be considered a shirt on me. More styles to come...


  1. Pretty picture Gabby!
    This Enrique By the way.

  2. so how do the should pads work

  3. sorry for that last post but how can u put in or add the shoulder pads

  4. Wow my response is super late because I'm just seeing this.. but the shoulder pads came with the dress



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